Jason French


Jason French is the head chef and owner at Ned Ludd, an American Craft Kitchen and Elder Hall, a Gathering Space in Portland, Oregon. Inspired by classic traditions of farm driven craft cookery, French’s menus perfectly embody his culinary philosophy of seasonally delicious fare. French and his team believe that great food ultimately requires more passion for and attention to the harmony created when one genuinely considers its provenance, preparation and presentation. 


Mike Delaney

Chef De Cuisine

Mike joins us from his most recent home in Sonoma County where he was a chef for the Jackson Family Estate. Prior to his time with there he worked the kitchens at Baker & Banker in San Francisco, The Martini House in St. Helena and Madrona Manor in Healdsburg. Mike grew up visiting his grandfather in Oregon as a boy and he is excited to finally call it home. Any free time Mike has is spent fly fishing and foraging with his favorite pup. 

Anna Caporael


Anna's love for restaurants started in college. First as prep cook, weekend baker and as server in San Luis Obispo, Ca. Two years later she moved San Francisco. There she worked for Rubicon, Bizou, and Jardiniere where she studied under Traci Des Jardins. She Eventually worked her way up the west coast launching several restaurants along her way. Finally landing in Portland where she's worked for Grand Central Bakery and opened Pizza Maria.  

JIllian Smith


Jillian was born into a family that grew their own food in a small coastal town in Massachusetts. This sparked a love for fresh, sustainable foods early on.  She studied Interior Design Boston and worked in bars, quickly falling in love with hospitality. She's overseen an intensive beer training program at Meadhall in Cambridge, and worked a beverage program at TRADE Boston.  Jillian enjoys the outdoors in the great NW with her dog, Wayne.