Ned Ludd is an American Craft Kitchen located in the historic King Neighborhood of Northeast Portland, Oregon. We still believe in the value of traditional, small batch, craft cookery.  We take the time to source each of our products and are committed to sustainable food ways and the best ingredients. We work with a community of passionate food producers, importers and makers to ensure a memorable experience. Our hope is that the restaurant is a vehicle between our patrons and producers that will foster a spirit of craftsmanship and conviviality within our community.

The dedicated staff at Ned Ludd is the engine that drives this fast-moving operation. To provide a fair wage and quality health insurance for all, we add an 20% service compris to each bill, which is shared among each member of our staff, from the servers to the dishwashers. No additional tipping is expected or necessary. Thank you for your understanding and helping our kitchen and wait staff receive a fair compensation for the exceptional work they do.