Ned Ludd ยป Can You Return the Fabric to Joann Fabrics? (In-store, Online & Customizable Product)

Can You Return the Fabric to Joann Fabrics? (In-store, Online & Customizable Product)

Three German immigrant families opened the first Jo-Ann store in Ohio in 1943. With about 350 retail chains, the company based in Hudson is the largest American fabric and craft retailer nowadays. Modern JOANN fabric & craft stores offer home decor, fabrics, yarn, and sewing supplies.

The purpose is to help customers decorate their homes or find material for creative projects, like crochet, knitting, and scrapbooking. One of the common questions is can you return the fabric to JOANN fabrics. Opinions about their timeliness are divided. Let’s see.

Joann Refund Policy

Joann Fabrics In-store return policy

Joann Fabrics In-store return policy

If you pick out this refund method, you should physically bring bought fabric to the nearby store. Be aware that the store will accept your requirement only if the material you purchased is still in its original condition.

All returns

It is possible to return only undamaged, uncut, and unwashed Jo-Ann items in the original condition. The Jo-Ann return policy is clear about damaged and cut fabric, and you can’t return it unless it contains hidden discolorations, flaws, holes, or stains. Plus, returning worn items is not allowed under no circumstances.

The store reserves the right to check the original purchase and can refuse to refund money if your complaint is unfounded. Plus, there is no way to replace a damaged or lost merchandise return card.

You should also be aware that there are limits on when they can refuse to offer you refunds. For instance, you can’t expect any refund for fabric bought on clearance and seasonal or holiday merchandise or when there is no stock of that particular item in the store anymore.

Returns with a receipt

Sometimes, it is possible to buy some fabric in a Jo-Ann store and conclude that you have picked out the wrong color shade or pattern after coming home. In that case, you can return it by providing the receipt and fabric in original condition to the seller.

The store provides three options:

  • Full refund in the original payment method
  • Merchandise return card
  • Merchandise exchange

As you can guess, the store will treat transactions with a check and debit card as cash payments. If you have bought fabric with a PIN-based debit card or cash money, you will get cash for a refund.

Be aware that sometimes it is impossible to get cash refunds for bills over $100, so you can expect payment by check or will get money by mail.

Keep in mind that you can’t get cash instead of a merchandise return card and gift card unless in cases regulated by law. When you have bought fabric with a JOANN gift card, you can expect to get the new one back when returning the purchased item.

The store can return you up to $25 in cash when you pay fabric with a personal check. When deciding to return an item ordered online and paid through PayPal, you can expect to get a refund on a physical gift card.

The company doesn’t insist on a particular return period in this case, but the preferred time is typically 90 days.

Returns without a receipt

Believe it or not, Jo-Ann stores allow returning the fabric you have bought even when you bring it without a receipt. In that case, you need to show the salesperson valid photo identification. Unfortunately, you can expect some penalties when returning items this way.

The store won’t offer you the regular price but the lowest one the particular item was sold in the store in the last 90 days. Another thing is that you can expect only three options, including:

  • Merchandise exchange
  • Merchandise return card
  • Corporate-issued check for returns

Joann Fabrics online return policy

Joann Fabrics online return policy

Even though you purchased fabric online, you have a right to a refund if you are unsatisfied with its quality or look. Unfortunately, you can’t require replacement for customizable fabric purchased online.

The first step is to fill out the return form and fulfill it with the required information. It is necessary to check the delivery address, write the order number, and specify which article you want to return. Once you finish the procedure right, you will get a confirmation e-mail that the return is completed.

After that, you should ship undamaged and well-packaged fabric via official mail. Keep in mind that you can’t return in-store purchased fabric this way.

As soon as the company processes your return shipment, they will refund you the money. Unfortunately, a $7.95 fee for handling and shipping is on you. Your credit card company sometimes requires ten additional business days to process the refund payment.

In case you have bought fabric with a gift card, you can expect to get a replacement one by e-mail.

There is one more thing! If you ordered a sewing machine, you should be prepared that Jo-Ann requires a restocking fee after returning. It is typically $25 per item.


Joann Fabrics Customizable product return policy

Joann Fabrics Customizable product return policy

Customizable fabric is non-standard, created on-demand, and is not an article available for free sale. The store can’t resale it, so you don’t have a right to get a refund if you are unsatisfied with the ordered product.

However, you can demand a refund when the ordered fabric comes to you flawed or damaged due to seller error or inadequate packaging. It is not a typical case, but the JOANN is prepared to solve the resulting problem to mutual satisfaction.

If something like this happens, you should contact the company’s customer service and send a photo showing the issue and the order number. Be prepared that the company reserves the right to limit or decline refunds when your arguments are unacceptable.

When you want to buy larger quantities of fabric, the best option is to order a sample first. If you are satisfied, you can buy the desired amount. It is a recommended procedure since the JOANN won’t accept returns for bulk items sold for the best upfront prices.


Joann Fabrics International return policy

Joann Fabrics International return policy

You can return any fabric bought in a JOANN store without hassle, although you ordered it from abroad. Unfortunately, the company can only refund you money, but it is impossible to offer order exchanges or replacements in this particular case. However, you can return the unwanted fabric and order the new one instead.

The procedure requires going to the ESW Returns Portal. You need to specify the order number, the item you want to return, and your e-mail address.

Pack the fabric you want to return appropriately and enclose the packing slip. Then, print the return label and attach it to the package outside. It is on you to pick out the carrier but be prepared that the company won’t refund return shipping costs.

On average, you will wait up to a month for a JOANN to receive and process your package. Once it arrives at their Return Center, you will get an e-mail on the shipment arrival.


Cases When Refund Is Impossible

As I have already mentioned, you can return fabric you are unsatisfied with to the Jo-Ann store whenever you want. However, it is recommended to return it within 90 days of the purchase date written on a receipt.

If you lose the receipt, the returning period for purchased fabric is 90 days. Be prepared to wait for a return about two to three weeks after asking for money for the returned item.

The best option before asking for a refund in Jo-Ann is to check the list of items ineligible for money return:

  • Fabric purchased on clearance, during seasonal and holiday merchandise, and discontinued items
  • Material altered after purchase by washing, drying, ironing, dyeing, and cutting
  • Fabric remnants and products that are not in sellable condition
  • You can’t back fabric to the Jo-Ann store location after initiating a purchase on
  • In most cases, you can’t redeem a merchandise return card or gift card for cash according to the law

It is impossible to return fabric bought at a liquidating or closing store. Be aware that such a place has specially colored receipts with a printed message to inform you that all sales are final.

Multiple returns of the same fabric are not allowed. Since the system tracks all returns per receipt, you will be disabled from returning the once purchased item twice.

Once your refund has been granted, you will get the total fabric purchase price, including processing fees and taxes, when possible. Unfortunately, you won’t get money for delivery and special order restocking fees.

You can get a refund for handling and shipping charges only when the Jo-Ann store is responsible for the return.



Sometimes, you can buy a product with the wrong fabric, design, or color. Therefore, it is wise to know on time about stores’ return policy since every company has its own regulations.

For instance, the Jo-Ann store will accept returned fabric, but only when it is in the same condition as at the time of purchasing. Remember that you can’t expect almost the same conditions when coming with or without a receipt.

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