Once a week we get to pretend to be a pizza shop. Every Monday starting at 5pm until the dough runs out we crank up the tunes and push a few seasonal pies in our hard working little wood fired oven and deliver them, bubbling, to your table. The dough is naturally leavened and the good stuff on top is seasonal and brought to you by our favorite farmers.  It's loud, fun and always delicious. In January we were fortunate to be chosen as Best Underground Pizza by Food Network on a new show called Best. Ever. hosted by Ted Allen. Showcasing our kale, burnt honey and lardo pie. Pizza Monday is fun distraction and a great way to start the week, but we don't fashion ourselves Pizzaiolos by any stretch. Pizza is an art and we still have a lot to learn. So starting Monday, February 2nd we are launching our first ever Pizza Social.  We'll be collaborating with our some of our favorite Portland Pizzaiolos to bring you an additional special menu every Monday. February brings you Brian Spangler from the infamous Apizza Scholls. Brian is the King of straight, delicious pizza. His favorite? Cheese, or as they say back East, plain pie. It says a lot about the man. Definitely no room for error. The pizzas: Meatball and Clams Casino to name a few. Some of Brian's other favorites on the menu:  insalata mista, cannoli's and negroni's. Brian will be joining us on Monday, February 9th for the #PizzaSocial . Stay tuned for more collaborators! Hope to see you there!

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