We are happy to announce our Winter ”Small Supper" series at our new gathering space, Elder Hall. Dine communally in the beautiful space with other like-minded folk feasting on food and drink prepared to inspire conversation and conviviality.  Constantly inspired by the people and things around us, suppers will be ever-changing. Winter brings you two Suppers, A Country Meal: Japan and Nona's House. Suppers will be prepared by our Chef De Cuisine Lucian Prellwitz and Chef Jason French. 

A Country Meal: Japan                                

Friday, 1/30 and Saturday 1/31. Two seatings 6pm and 8:30pm.  

The cooking of rural Japan showcases simple preparations and techniques that offer soulful, warming and nourishing meals on table. Inspired by Nancy Singleton Hachisu's beautiful food book “Japanese Farm Food” , Elder Hall is pleased to announce it’s second Small Supper, “A Country Meal: Japan”. We’ll be offering a multi course meal and conversation where we will explore the Japanese elements of honor, tradition, simplicity, and balance. The dishes, along with the drinks pairings of wine, sake and tea express the importance of provenance. You'll eat quail eggs pickled in soy sauce, miso soup, yellowtail sashimi with broth, soba noodle, walnut dipping sauce, turnip greens with soy sauce, napa cabbage salad with sesame seeds, daikon leaf salad,sake steamed kabocha with miso, winter vegetable tempura, vinegared mackeral, chicken and leeks, pork belly simmered in okara, shiso granita & sesame brittle

A communal table will be set for 12 in an effort to inspire connection, conviviality and community. Friday, 1/30 with two seatings 6pm and 8:30pm and Saturday 1/31 with one seating at 6pm. Tickets are $90 including drink pairings and gratuity. 

Small Supper #3 Nona’s House

Thursday, 2/19 and Saturday 2/21. Two seatings 6pm and 8:30pm. 

Italy has long been celebrated for its amazing food and wine. Region to region the bounty and diversity of the country has inspired countless chefs, food books and restauranteurs. In the third of our regional small supper series, Jason French and Lucian Prellwitz will explore Italian food through the culinary masterpiece of one of their heroes, Marcella Hazan. "The Essentials of Italian Cooking" is packed with simple and beautiful recipes that capture the inspiration behind much of the foods and cooking of Italy. The menu:  grissini with cheese and olives, sauteed mushrooms with olive oil, braised celery, pancetta & tomato salad, potato gnocchi with fresh ricotta, sea bass with finocchio, braised veal shank, Ayers Creek polenta and to finish, sweet pastry fritters with ricotta coffee cream and macerated orange slices. All paired with regional wines from the dishes prepared. 

All tickets are $90 including drink pairings and gratuity. Call (503) 477-4725 or email Events@ElderHall.com to reserve. All suppers are pre-paid and non-refundable. Small Suppers limited to 12 per seating.

Elder Hall (adjacent to Ned Ludd)/ 3929 NE MLK Blvd (on the corner of MLK and Failing St)