Chef Jason French of Ned Ludd and Chef Rick Gencarell founder of Lardo have been busy collaborating on a spectacular Chef inspired sandwich known at Lardo as the Chefwich. The Chefwich is a  Lardo tradition, highlighting local chefs in Portland with a one-of-a-kind creation that features each chefs personal culinary style.  We're happy to announce that our own Jason French has joined the Chefwich ranks with The Spring Fling! A scrumptious flat bread of Olive brined braised Cattail Creek Lamb, Spring Aioli, asparagus relish, roasted rabes, all wrapped within a warm flat bread.  Available mid-April to mid-May.

While the collaboration is certainly beneficial for our tastebuds, it's also good for our community. Part of the proceeds from the sales of our Spring Fling Chefwich go to a great cause that is cultivating young chefs in Portland! The Curriculum of Cuisine is a unique educational effort that brings chefs into the classroom and offers young adults the opportunity to learn essential culinary skills through hands on experiences in conjunction with various core subjects.

Specializing in all things bovine and swine, Lardo now has three locations throughout portland!