Monday nights around here mean Pizza. And there’s nothing better then enjoying a pie and a couple beers on the patio when the weather is just right with some old friends. It’s from that spirit of kinship and camaraderie that the Pizza Social was born.  It’s a fun way to collaborate with other chefs we call friends and sometimes even learn a thing or two. This month we have our first non-pizzaiolo guest chef, Canadian native, Chef Aaron Barnett of St. Jack. Aaron will be in house helping us kick off Pizza Monday for the month on May 4th. Aaron shares our crazy love for food that all started with frog legs (he was 8 years old) and a wicked sense of humor.  Something he most likely acquired while working under Gary Danko in San Francisco. He left SF in 2008 drawn to the Pacific Northwest by the unique flavors and produce the area has to offer. In 2010 he opened the sweet little St. Jack on Clinton Street. Last year he moved St Jack to it’s new, larger home on NW 23rd. His pizza and other dishes on our collaborative Monday menu will surely have french flare. Come prepared to hear some loud 90’s grunge tunes (Aaron's favorites) every Monday in May while we crank some french inspired pies out of our little oven!

Aarons Special's


snap pea, arugula, mint, chile, pistachio, chèvre


bacon, caramelized onion, nutmeg creme fraiche, parsely & gruyere

merguez, harissa, clams, peppers, mint


pate au chocolate, strawberries, orange blossom chantilly


negroni sbagliato