During the moth of April we are joining with Eggpress and Hello Lucky Cards in a 30 letters in 30 days Write_On challenge. Egg press is a Portland based letterpress printing company whose mission is to inspire frequent meaningful interpersonal connections through the act of handwriting letters. In hopes of sparking creativity, expression and connection in the community! The Write_On challenge started as a personal one for the founder of the company Tess Darrow but the idea became so much more!  Here at Ned Ludd we see the value in community over the table and hope that sense of kindredness is carried with you throughout your day. In honor of National Letter Writing Month, when you dine with us at Ned Ludd, there will be a letter at your table (envelope and all) ready for you to embark on the challenge with us! We encourage you to write a letter to a neighbor, loved one, friend, co worker or anyone you want to impact. Please take some time to keep the art of handwritten communication alive! 

This Thursday April 9th from 6-8pm Egg Press will be hosting a official kickoff for the Write_On Challenge at School House Electric! We will be cooking up some delicious food throughout the evening for all you letter loving enthusiasts! There will also be drinks from Union Wine Company, giveaways, and sweet treats from Quin! Hope to see you there!