June's Pizza Social brings with it one of our favorites, Joshua McFadden from Ava Genes! Joshua will be in our kitchen collaborating with the Ned Ludd team on a very farm driven 'Spring turns Summer' Pizza Monday menu. Pizza ranks as one of his all-time favorite foods which is all the more reason to have in to make some pies in our little oven! Joshua started his culinary journey in Portland then onto San Francisco, Chicago, and New York working in some pretty amazing kitchens like Franny’s and Momofuku. He took some time to travel abroad and found himself in Rome working at the American Academy on a Alice Waters project. There he found pizza in its truest form and discovered that simplicity is key: "My ideal pizza is a classic pomdoro from Da Baffetto in Rome, crispy thin and so simple.  I always ask for more XVOO, they look at me like I am crazy." After his travels he returned home on a mission to get back to the roots of food (literally). He spent the next two years working in coastal Maine, running Four Season Farm. This time allowed him to think about food in a whole new way, and begin to truly understand vegetables. His belief that food should be simple, honest, and ingredient driven has found a home at Ava Gene’s and Roman Candle Baking Company. Josh will be in the house on Monday June 1st so join us! We'll be jamming out to Fleetwood Mac, drinking Josh's favorite"pink wine", and munching on his Roman inspired pizza for the next 4 weeks!  Check out the menu below:

celery, pounded anchovy, lemon, breadcrumb, pecorino

burrata, tomato, fresh basil, olive oil &
mussels, garlic, olives, tomato, oregano


traditional cannoli

rhubarb collins