July’s pizza social brings the dastardly duo Will and Joel of Holdfast Dining. This culinary match made in heaven have been working together since 2010 opening fabulous restaurants, and traveling the world in search of culinary adventures. Both started their love of food at a young age. Will worked in his fathers 24 hour dinner from the time he was in elementary school and Joel decided in 6th grade that he was destined for The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. They had big dreams and now between the two of them they have been in the kitchens of: Alinea, Arzak, Dill, The French Laundry, The Herbfarm, Manresa, McCrady's, Mirazur, Relae, Septime, Ubuntu, and The Willow's Inn and have opened two brick and mortars in Portland The Bent Brick and Holdfast Dining. We are so excited to have them in our kitchen for this pizza collaboration and to kick it off we asked them both what their ideal pizza is: Joel, " I have been obsessed with cheese forever so anytime I see a pizza with four, or quatro, or quintuple number of cheeses, that's usually what I go for.” and Will, "I literally didn't eat pizza until I was twenty. I was weird, the pickiest eater as a kid, and lactose intolerant, so pizza was always not appetizing to me. When I started making pizzas as one of my kitchen jobs was the first time I actually ate them. Now I like wood-fired onion-y pizzas.”  Join us and Holdfast at 5pm on Mondays for the whole month of July!

Holdfast Special Menu:

seaweed pesto, miso cream cheese, bay scallop, pickled asparagus, shaved asparagus, smoked scallop togarashi

strawberry marinara, tesa lardons, strawberry chunks, torn mozzarella, arugula, black pepper, olive oil

pole beans, stone fruit, fried ginger, pistachio puree & chunky vinaigrette



cornbread madeleine, parmesan, lardo & honey ice cream


maraschino whiskey sour