For our first Fall Pizza Social we're getting the band back together and re-uniting with our friends from LET um EAT!  Chef Karl Holl and his team were cooking in the Ned Ludd kitchen in the early days of Pizza Monday with PREAM. We're so glad they're back.  We're honored to be collaborating with this unique and dynamic group of the Oregon culinary industry! LET um EAT, a collective of culinary creatives, is on a mission to change the world. Their main goal: to better connect Seeders, Feeders and Eaters. In October we'll be collaborating with the LET um EAT team and cooking with Chef Karl Holl.  These guys are living their dream to raise and grow everything they cook so ingredients for the Pizza social with be sourced from the LET um EAT farm!

Born and raised in Vermont, Chef Karl comes from over 10 years experience in high volume, seasonally-driven restaurants around the Bay Area and in Colorado, including Sous Chef at Napa’s Martini House and Chef de Cuisine at Perbacco Ristorante in San Francisco’s Financial District. He enjoys the challenge of making the perfect pizza dough and finishing every pie with PORK! He loves a good whiskey and jamming to some Matchbox 20 when he's cooking.Come hang with Karl and crew to kick off the Pizza Social in our kitchen Monday, October 5th!  



fall lettuces, shaved roots, marigold ranch, pan fritto


pepperoni, pickled peppers, ajvar condimento, marjoram

 roasted squash, burnt onion agrodolce, hazelnut bechamel, fresh chicories


chocolate budino, salted caramel whipped cream, pie dough crumbs


shiso kool-aide: mezcal, vodka, lime, shiso syrup, shiso salt rim