For many, the New Year begins with resolutions that set the intentions for growth, change and evolution. Our little wood fired restaurant is no exception. The coming year is going to be an amazing year for all of us. We’re working hard within our organization to continue to grow and change to be the very best we can be for all of you.

8 years ago this month we opened our doors. We wanted to share our vision for Hand Crafted, Wood Fired Cuisine that reflected the season, championed our producers and the honored the spectacular Pacific NW. Many fond memories have been made with a dedicated staff, an ever-changing menu and the support of our generous patrons. We are stronger and more committed than ever to live our values through food and wine with you.

*New Service Model*

The dedicated staff at Ned Ludd is the engine that drives this fast-moving operation. To provide a fair wage for all, starting January 2nd, we will no longer include a tip line on your bill. Instead, we will add an 18% service charge to every bill. The lion's share is shared among each member of our staff, from the servers to the dishwashers. No additional tipping is expected or necessary. Thank you for your understanding the need for change in our industry which helps our kitchen and service staff receive equal compensation for the exceptional work that each of them do.


We are excited to announce, starting January 2nd,  we will again be open 7 days a week for dinner service 5-10pm. Last Fall we needed to reset so we closed on Monday and Tuesday. We took those 2 days a week to train a new kitchen staff, restock our larder and update and improve the bones of Ned Ludd. Today, we truly believe our long dedicated luddites and our new family members make up the best team we've ever had.  Every one of us are committed to what the Pacific Northwest has to offer in food, wine, service and experience and we are excited to share that with all of you every night of the week! (Starts January 2nd).

The coming year will require change and evolution that extends far beyond our walls. The affects of our changing industry, changing policy, market shifts and a growing global economy is forcing welcome change. We embrace the change and we hope you'll embrace it with us!