One of our core values here at Ned Ludd is promoting education and collaboration. Sharing ideas and working for a better food future is a daily mission. So when Oliver Templeton of Carousel, London reached out we jumped. A chance to send someone from our Portland community to London to cook alongside Ollie and his talented team? HELL YES! Then we thought of Karl Holl. Karl is one of the founders of LetumEat, a farmer, a rancher and one hell of a cook. Plus he's one of our favorite, most respected comrade in arms in the PNW. So when we asked him to travel all the way to London to represent our fair state the answer was yes. We are thrilled to have Karl representing not only Ned Ludd but our beautiful home state. Now get to work.

From our friends across the pond...

We love Ned Ludd. Not the 18th century anti-industrial folk legend (who knew?) but the American craft kitchen in the heart of ‘The Best Food City in America’. That’s Portland, Oregon, in case you were wondering.

Taking a leaf out of the original Ned Ludd’s playbook, the rustic restaurant has earned cult status in them there parts by eschewing fancy pants machinery in favour of a humble wood-burning oven and the classic traditions of farm-driven craft cookery. They take their time to source the best possible ingredients from passionate farmers close to home. And then the fun begins…

Next week they’re lending us their main man, Karl Holl, to introduce our stiff upper lips to the very best of the Pacific Northwest. Karl will be bringing the region’s celebrated farm-to-table ethos to life with imaginative dishes like his ‘Edible Garden’ of Raw Vegetables, Salt Baked Beetroot Agrodolce and Sprouted Soil and his pudding of Milk Panna Cotta with Salted Pear, Brown Butter Hazelnut Cake and Huckleberry Ice.

You could call Karl’s bold flavours and balanced textures ‘New American’; Karl prefers “genuine, honest, delicious food”, which works for us too.

Karl also happens to be co-founder of ‘Seeders, Feeders and Eaters’ collective, Let Um Eat, based on a 40-acre farm just south of the city, making him the perfect ambassador for Portland’s dynamic, provenance-focused food community.

We’re thrilled to welcome him to Carousel and we hope you will be too.



Grilled Morel, Crushed Peas and Tendrils, wrapped in Lardo

Artichoke and Fava Top Arancini, Mint, Preserved Lemon Aioli

‘The Garden’ ­ Roasted and Raw Vegetables, Salt Baked Beet Agrodolce, Sprouted Soil

Testa Arrotolata, Grilled Baby Mustard Greens, Strawberries, Burnt Garlic Emulsion

Pepper Dulse Cavatelli, Cuttlefish Soffritto, Fried Bread, Wild Fennel

Beef, Creamed Mousserons, Wild Asparagus, Foraged Greens

Milk Panna Cotta, Salted Pear, Brown Butter Hazelnut Cake, Huckleberry Ice


£37.50 for four courses