We love Portland Design Week. Every year we get involved in some fashion. We've hosted dinners at Elder Hall,  thrown cocktail parties and cooked for many Design Week visitors . Shoot, even our very own Chef and creative mind, Jason French captained a window design team at IDL Worldwide last Spring! This year we wanted to invite you all to come join us at Ned Ludd. Come for a drink and some snacks in between events or stay a while and feast with us in the restaurant take advantage of this sunshine and hang out in our rad Beckel Canvas tent. We're running Happiest Hour all week to extra motivation to hop in an Uber and head on over! 


Happiest Hour Menu : Design Week  



Jar of Haus Pickles 4  

Marinated Olives and Spiced Nuts 6  

Spring Radishes, Sofrito Dip, Crostini 6  

Spiced Flatbread, Salad of Shingiku, Sheep's Cheese 8  

Small Charcuterie Board 10



Draft Beers 5

King's and Spies Sea Cider 5

House Wine 7 (glass)

The Danish Modern 9

Gin and Tonic 8

Moscow Mule 8