We look forward to December all year long. It's the busiest and most rewarding month of the year. A month filled with gratitude for family and friends, peers and co-workers alike. Last year we spent 23 days of December hosting joyful holiday parties and celebrating at the table through eating and drinking, storytelling and laughter. We've helped create some magical experiences that have left the most lasting memories on us all. In return we've received countless thank you cards and notes, phone calls and photos from our patrons throughout the year expressing their love of the Hall, the food and the people and the place. We opened Elder Hall exactly 2 years ago this month and we are constantly reminded every time we see that hand written letter in the mail, that instagram post emojied with hearts and smiley faces, those beaming faces of patrons enjoying Ned Ludd at how much space and food and people are able to positively affect others. The Hall is a special place where we get to truly connect with others. Where we get to share not only our food and table but also our people, our values and our home with you. Come gather with us.

There are a handful of dates still available for December Bookings but they are moving fast!!