As you all know small business is the economic engine for the City of Portland. When our small businesses face challenges it has long lasting reach and impact on our great City.

This 2016-17 Winter Weather has had a significantly negative impact on our small business community. This lack of economic activity drains tax base and curtails further spending with all businesses that provide materials to those businesses, from food vendors and marketing professionals to professional printers and bookkeepers. Even if businesses are able to open their doors, employees are losing hours from inability to get to work to not enough business to justify their attendance.

We’ve organized along with a number of small businesses across industries, from retail and restaurant to service businesses to offer 10% discounts on gift certificate purchases made thru January 25th, 2017. It is our hope that the greater Portland Community, who has always been a great lover and supporter of their small business community, enjoys the opportunity to save a little at some of their favorite businesses, while lending a huge support to Portland’s businesses and economy!

Please check with individual businesses as these discounted gift certificates may not be available for use in conjunction with other offers, coupons and discounts.

AND this is just a small list of the amazing list of Portland’s small businesses. Please be sure to celebrate and support all the businesses you can this month and always!

Enter SHOPSMALL in promo code for 10% off total