The easiest way to reach anyone these days is to tap out a quick text, but in the spirit slowing things waaay down we want to challenge you – and ourselves! – to write a letter. For the month of April, Ned Ludd is partnering with Eggpress for Write_On, a campaign to promote creative expression through handwritten correspondence. This is our third year participating in the program and we love supporting an endeavor that takes hand-crafting as seriously as we do.

When you visit us at Ned Ludd in April, we will offer you a complimentary Write_On card. Reach out to an old friend, surprise a loved with a quick note… whatever it may be, we’re pretty convinced receiving a real letter in the mailbox is a thrill. Making that connection is something we’d love to facilitate through the Write_On campaign. If you find your stuck on what to write, we’ll offer some writing prompts to get your creativity flowing. We’ll even stamp it for you and drop it in the mail box!

Can’t wait to see you here for an inspired spring menu and a chance to help you connect with someone in a meaningful way.

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