All wines come from someplace, but the best wines can only come from an extraordinary place. Oregon is a world-class wine region with more than 700 wineries and more than 1,000 vineyards growing 72 grape varieties. Each year we focus on bringing you something new and amazing from an Oregon producer that you may or may have heard about or a wine or varietal you haven't tried.  We love the unexpected and we hope you do too. This year we are highlighting a different varietal each week of May from 5 different producers. 

Week 1: Gamay
Week 2: Riesling
Week 3: Pinot Noir
Week 4: Chardonnay

We'll be offering wine flights of each variety each week of May for $20 a flight. Or you can order them all by the glass too if you'd rather. Either way it's a great time to branch out and taste something new!

Check out our own Jason French pairing one of his favorite wines, Riesling, with a Bay Shrimp Pasta dish HERE. Recipe included!