Winemaker Andrew Bandy-Smith has been a stalwart in the Willamette Valley wine scene, making some of your favorite vintages from Soter/North Valley for some time now.  A desire to work with the fruit of Antiquum Farm, one of the most interesting sites in the valley at this moment from a terroir and farming perspective, brought farmer/grower Stephen Hagen and Andrew into this awesome partnership.

...and we want to share these wines with you!

Stephen's farm is one-of-a-kind in the Valley: THEY DON'T TILL THE SOIL & THEY GRAZE THEIR ANIMALS ALL YEAR LONG.

What this creates is a unique bio-flora, distinct from any biodynamic winery producing in the valley to date.

Tickets for the dinner will be $70 for a 5-Course meal that will showcase the terroir of this site.

 - Welcome -
Ned Ludd Charcuterie  &  Accompaniments

Aurosa , Skin-Contact Pinot Gris  '17 

- Second -
Cara Cara Oranges, Shaved Fennel, 
Briar Rose Fromage Blanc,  Crispy Bits  

Daisy, Pinot Gris  '17

- Third - 
Oregon Mushroom Ragoût, Rye Gnocchi,
Bergkäse Alpine Cheese, Black Garlic Cream

Passiflora, Pinot Noir  '17, 

- Fourth -
Antiquum Farm Lamb, 
Celery Root Gratin, Purple Potato Mash

Juel, Pinot Noir  '17 / Luxuria, Pinot Noir  '16

- Finish -
Winter Citrus Cake, 
Poached Pears,  Grapefruit Sorbet

Daphne, Pinot Gris '16