Here at Ned Ludd we take our drinking very seriously. Just like the food, our cocktail program  focuses on classic technique and simple, seasonal ingredients. Working with craft distilleries and family owned wineries we curate a unique selection of spirits and wines that are full of personality. 



*Menu Changes Often*

The Vintage
rye, krogstad aquavit, carpano antica, green chartreuse, angostura 13

monopolowa vodka, cappelletti aperitivo, big hibiscus tea syrup, lemon, tonic 11

Farmers Tan
beefeater gin, banal, haus switches, minted strawberry, lemon, soda 11

Hem & Haw
weller antique 107 bourbon, ramazzotti amaro, rhubarb shrub, lime, black pepper, egg white 13


Briar Patch
evan williams bourbon, limm's no. 1, lemon, blackberry, black tea, ginger beer, absinthe 12

Banana Hammock
el dorado 5yr rum, smith & cross rum, lime, pineapple gimme, banana, allspice dram 12

Buzzed Agave
pueblo viejo blanco tequila, mezcal, vin de pamplemousse, lime shrub, serrano honey 12

Dickle & Pickle
shot of dickel rye with a seasonal pickle back 8

Beer & Cider


On Tap
Rotating Seasonal Tap, Portland, OR, Draft 7/pint
pFriem, Seasonal, Hood River, OR, Draft 7/pint
Heater Allen, Pilsner, McMinnville, OR, Draft 7/pint

Bottles & Cans

Old German, Pittsburgh, PA  3 / tallboy
pFriem, IPA, Hood River, OR 10 / 16.9oz
Occidental Brewing, Hefeweizen, Portland, OR  7 / 16oz
Petrus, Oak Aged Pale Sour, Belgium  11 / 330ml

          Sea Cider, “Kings & Spies”, Victoria B.C., CA  9gl / 36btl
Wildcraft Ciderworks, Elderberry Perry, Eugene, OR  8gl / 32btl
Sidreria R. Zabala, Sidre Natural, Sargardotegia, SP  7gl / 28btl
E.Z. Orchards, Roman Beauty, Rickreall, OR  14 / 500ml
Domaine E. Dupont, Bouché Brut, Normandie, FR  2012  15 / 375ml
Aval Artisanal, “Aval Cidre”, Bretagne, FR  21 / 750ml