Food Menu

"A significant part of the pleasure of eating is one's accurate consciousness of the lives and the world from which the food comes"  -Wendell Berry


Food Menu

"A significant part of the pleasure of eating is one's accurate consciousness of the lives and the world from which the food comes"  -Wendell Berry

Good food should tell a story. It's a tale of time and place that weaves together the relationship between our growers, producers, staff and patrons. We're commited to knowing and liking our purveyors so we source most of our product from our home state. If we can't get things here like coffee, chocolate and spices, we work closely with folks to procure the finest goods from people with the same values as us. With all of those great foods we then butcher, pickle, ferment, smoke, and cure all in house. Some call us old fashioned, but we know cooking good food just takes time.


Spring 2017

* Menu changes weekly *  


Citrus & Herb Marinated Left Coast Olives 5

Sweet Rosemary Roasted Hazelnuts4

Spring Greens Soup & Croutons5

Housemade Pickle Plate  7

Spiced Flatbread, Good Olive Oil, Sea Salt7
*Add Dips
Labneh Za'atar Sumac & Olive Oil 3
Spiced Beet Tahini & Pistachio Dip  3
+ Both 5


Lamb Rillette, Mint Chutney + Spiced
Crackers 9

Tuscan Style Chicken Livers, Toast, 
Parsley, Saba 9

Smoked Trout, Herbs, Capers, Field Greens 12

Potted Shrimp, Brown Butter, Old Bay, Crackers
Bread & Butter Celery 13


Farmstead Cheese, Fruits, Nuts, Crackers 17

House Charcuterie, Pickles, Mustard, Toast 21

Ludd Board: a combination of the above 24


Mixed Greens, Hazelnuts, Herb Vinaigrette, Cracked Pepper Crouton 8

End of Season Citrus Salad, Fennel, Pistachio, Black Olive11

Marinated Beets, Blue Cheese, Walnuts, Celery, Miners Lettuce10

Cabbage, Cashews, Cilantro, Honey Turmeric Dressing9


Smoked New Potato, Watercress, Roasted Garlic Aioli  13

Charred Broccoli, Mushrooms, Black Vinegar, Puffed Rice, Sesame 11

Caraway Spaetzle, Adelegger Mornay, Apple Butter13

Pastured Beef Shortrib, Celeriac Greens, Cucumber Salad15

Totten Inlet Mussels, Leek, Garlic Confit, Crème Fraîche, Spiced Crouton 15



Oregon Sole & Mushroom Duxelle, Potato, Sunchokes, Gremolata 26

Whole Roasted Trout, Charred Leeks, Caper + Herb Vinaigrette, Shaved Spring Vegetables 2525

Cattail Creek Lamb, Charred Bruss, Smoked Onions, Lime Yogurt, Spring Greens, Spices32

Spiced Laney Family Farms Pork Shoulder, Roasted Carrot & Shell Bean Ragout, Scallion, Wild Rice28



Oven Kissed Chocolate Chip Cookie, Curly's Milk 9

Carrot Cake, Citrus Marmalade, Sour Cream Sauce9

Toasted Rice Panna Cotta, Ginger Caramel, Crispy Rice6

Chocolate Pots du Creme, Smoked Meringue, Graham Sablée 9


Family Feast

Let our kitchen cook for your table  $60 per person. Entire table participation required.