Good food should tell a story. It's a tale of time and place that weaves together the relationship between our growers, producers, staff and patrons. We're commited to knowing and liking our purveyors so we source most of our product from our home state. If we can't get things here like coffee, chocolate and spices, we work closely with folks to procure the finest goods from people with the same values as us. With all of those great foods we then butcher, pickle, ferment, smoke, and cure all in house. Some call us old fashioned, but we know cooking good food just takes time.

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Oregon Winery Pre-Fixe Menu (offered every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of the month)

For the month of October, we are excited to be pouring the wines of Andrew Rich!

“Andrew has a long and storied career in wine. Starting out as a magazine editor in NYC, he decided to change his course by enrolling in school in Burgundy for winemaking. Coming back to the states and landing in California, Andrew caught a great opportunity with the funky and offbeat Bonny Doon Vineyard in Santa Cruz. He worked together with equally funky and offbeat Randall Grahm for 5 vintages getting practical experience and honing his style. It was here that Andrew developed a penchant for Rhone wines, which have become the focus of a serious following in the wine world in addition to his iconic Pinot noir.

Andrew is an innovator in the Willamette Valley. Never shying from his passion for Rhone Valley wines, he continues to expand and redirect his course over time, trying and succeeding in a great number of different varietals that all seem to be better than the last.”

Each month, our Chef and Wine Steward meticulously devise a menu…the intent being to show how wine and food work together to create a sum that is greater than its parts.

For $50, you can enjoy a special 3-course meal alongside 3 amazing wines. What a way to start the week!


Early Menu at Ned Ludd

Join us right when we open (Monday - Friday) for a special menu of well-priced drinks and snacks.