Ned Ludd

Ned Ludd is named after the 18th-century British anti-industrial folk legend, from which the term 'Luddite' springs. We pay homage to forgotten hand-crafted techniques and the European roots of great food and drink. Our goal is to work simply and preserve the spirit of the process. Our belief is that every ingredient we source has unique terroir. That each is a celebration of flavor derived from differences in the land from which it's grown. Seasonal ingredients are chosen carefully and every product is made from scratch. The foundation of our endeavor is a brick faced, wood fired oven. Not only our main heating element but truly the heart of the operation. Each plate is truly an expression of the Northwest seasons, and a celebration of the bounty of Oregon. Filled with the glow of the fire and surrounded by copper pots, gnarled limbs, wooden stumps, ceramic chickens and a host of kitchen artifacts we hope the restaurant feels familiar or maybe even a bit like home.