Jason French


Jason French is the head chef and owner at Ned Ludd, an American Craft Kitchen and Elder Hall, a Gathering Space in Portland, Oregon. Inspired by classic traditions of farm driven craft cookery, French’s menus perfectly embody his culinary philosophy of seasonally delicious fare. French and his team believe that great food ultimately requires more passion for and attention to the harmony created when one genuinely considers its provenance, preparation and presentation. 



Chef De Cuisine

Originally from the great state of Georgia, Capers moved North to New York to pursue a career in music. Drawn to the kitchen he shifted his attention to culinary school while living in the city. In 2010 he made his way West and worked in some of the best kitchens in the city : Le Pigeon, Little Bird, St Jack and Ava Genes before landing at Ned Ludd working alongside Jason French. Capers lives for his family, wife Christina and his adorable daughter Coco.

Alison mcGinley

operations MANAGER

Alison grew up playing drums, baseball, and eating everything in sight in Waxahachie, Texas. Craving a city life she landed in Boston pursuing an edu-cation in music. She started working in restaurants to support her touring musician’s income. Then she fell for food and wine the same way she had for music. Eventually she stumbled out West and put roots down in Portland where she worked for Bent Brick and Park Kitchen before finding a home at Ned Ludd. She's best known for her daily ritual of eating cheese for dinner. 

JIllian Smith


Jillian was born into a family that grew their own food in a small coastal town in Massachusetts. This sparked a love for fresh, sustainable foods early on.  She studied Interior Design Boston and worked in bars, quickly falling in love with hospitality. She's overseen an intensive beer training program at Meadhall in Cambridge, and worked a beverage program at TRADE Boston.  Jillian enjoys the outdoors in the great NW with her dog, Wayne. 

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